Name: Samuel Bradford
Exam: Certified CrossFit Trainer Examination
Exam Date: 7th September 2021
Exam length: 240 minutes.

Samuel owns his own CrossFit gym in Moira, Craigavon, Northern Ireland, which is where he travelled from for his exam today. It took him one and half hours to travel for his exam with us at Ballykelly, each way. When he was asked about why it was important to do the exam in this part of the country he replied and said that it suited him better rather than having to travel to Dublin, which would have been the case before Covid-19. He also said it was more peaceful to travel to our centre early in the morning.

After a long sit of four hours, he passed his exam much to his delight, Samuel was asked to give a statement of how his experience was.

Samuel said:

Staff very pleasant and helpful, the exam room was very comfortable. Couldn’t have asked for any more.

Samuel Bradford