We Count Too

By Roe Valley Ancestral Researchers

Every family has stories of heroics from wars, the things their family or friends of the family did or saw during those terrible times, the horrors of battles and wounds, and the small joys that they cherished when they could. But most of the stories we hear about, the ones that are remembered best by the public, are always the soldiers and the fighting, the brave men fighting on the front. Very often the women that sacrificed their safety to give their support are less remembered, but they are no less important. With this in mind, Roe Valley Ancestral Researchers wanted to help bring the stories of such women to the public’s attention. The result of this is ‘We Count Too‘, a book detailing the service of what we call ‘Influencers’ and nurses that served during wartime, as well as the efforts of local women at home to give support in the best way they could. In addition, it offers advice on where readers can look to find more information on both fully qualified military nurses, and those who were part of the ‘VAD’ – the Voluntary Aid Detachment.